Tuesday, February 8, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 10

Monday, Feb 7, 2011 - Day 10
I waited until this morning to write my post for yesterday because I wanted to experiment with listening to a relaxation track right before I went to sleep. Not sure if last night was the best night to experiment though. I had my Tang Soo Do class til 8:30 pm so I didn't get home til about 8:50 pm. And of course I was starved after such a long class with no dinner before hand so I ate around 9 pm - right before bed. I already know this is not the best idea for me (or anyone). My stomach felt very active all night and I had so many dreams I feel like I was in an alternate universe.

Anyway, the relaxation details: I listened to to Dr. Louise Montello's  Relax into Wellness, Vol. 2, Track 2 (which Dr. Louise calls Yoga Nidra). This is the one I have been having trouble paying attention to when I listen during the day. She specifically recommends listening to it in the day though and not for a sleep aid. Oops. I found I could do the practice better when it was dark and I was warm under the covers. I did not fall asleep during the practice but I fell asleep right away after the track ended. Listening to her version of Yoga Nidra (really, the Sweeping Breath) while in bed, made me like the practice a bit more.

I think I am done with Dr. Louise (for now). I'm going to move on to some of my other relaxation CD's.

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