Monday, May 27, 2013

Musings on Kripalu

My recent iRest Yoga Nidra training took place at Kripalu Institute. I had never been there but had been wanting to go since the late 90s. My first yoga teacher was Kripalu trained and I always loved her classes. But until now, I could never muster up the guts or mindset to spend so much money to visit this longed-for school.

Thankfully, I made the mental leap to spend the money and go for a training. And I am so glad! I loved the training as I stated in my previous post but without such a wonderful and supportive back drop, it would not have been the same.

Kripalu provided lovely community, comfortable beds, contemplative trails, relaxing sauna and hot tub, fun yoga classes, noon dance, private sessions of yoga, massage, and more, and to top it all off, all the food was provided and it was delicious. I was able to go wheat-free and dairy-free for the whole week and I have not felt so good in I don't know how long.

In addition to teacher training in Yoga and Ayurveda, Kripalu hosts world-class teachers for specialized trainings and offers R&R breaks where you go to the Institute and participate in as many or as few of their regular classes (and other amenities) as you want. I think they also offer specialized R&R retreats with a theme for the week or weekend.

I am already kicking around the idea of going back for the iRest Level II teacher training.

The labyrinth.

Outdoor dining.

Training hall.

My bunk with a blooming cherry tree out the window.

Trail head.


The Lake.

Me and Richard Miller.

What a great week!


Satyam said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks for the great post - wonderful to hear about your week - I have continually heard top-notch reflections about people's experiences at the Kripalu Center. Great to read about yours...

Sara said...

Hi Satyam - Yes, I had a such a great time! I recommend it for anyone.

Catharine Larsen, MA, LP said...

Sounds special.

Diane said...

Hi Sara, For all of your restorative students out there, check out Jillian Pransky's Summer/winter Retreats at Kripalu. That is where I got my inspiration to continue on with my restorative yoga teacher training. Headed there in August for Hiking and Yoga and some much needed feeling of being grounded and home.