Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attune To Yourself

3 Ways To Deeply Attune To Yourself

by Susi Hately Aldous

 People who are in pain and want to get out of pain display a common thought pattern – the desire to “just get fixed.” They just want to know what muscle is the problem and how the problem can be solved.

If you have attended any of my trainings or have had a private session, you’ll know that getting out of pain isn’t about a fix. Rather, to quickly and efficiently move from a place of pain and into something more comfortable requires a combination of improved body mechanics, improved breath awareness, and a letting go of inappropriate movement patterns. AND, if you want to stay out of pain long term, there is a subsequent mental and spiritual shift that needs to occur. I call it attuning more deeply with yourself.

Attuning more deeply to yourself is a process of connecting to your symptom, connecting with the information it is offering and taking action on that information.

Consider the following:

Step 1: Connecting with your symptom. Over the past 14 years I have seen too many transformations in my studio to ignore a simple truth . . . the experiences in our bodies – whether pain, tension, strain, openness, ease, or strength – are guideposts toward a truer connection with our deepest selves. They offer you an opportunity to tap into a rich source of internal advice that can guide you forward. Try the following: Have a conversation with the sensations in your body, and see what they have to tell you. Ask them, "why are you here?", or "what's up?" And then wait. See what emerges. Note....Make sure you don’t get into a yelling match or a “resigned" conversation. Be open to what you hear. It is often truly remarkable.

Step 2: Act.  As the responses and insights emerge, ask them what you need to do, or what action you need to take. Then take it. If you doubt, do. As you do, more messages will emerge and your connection will grow. 

Step 3: Check in with your body.  What new has shown up, what sensations now exist, is there anything that no longer exists? How are you feeling, moving or acting?

Step 4: Bask in the joy of connection. Delight in the internal experience and the congruity with your outer experience. Sip it in and enjoy the exploration.

If this resonates for you and you would like to tune in more: visit me at www.functionalsynergy.com

Sara's note: Susi is my teacher and my teacher's teacher for Therapeutic Yoga. This article is taken from her March newsletter 2010.

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