Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Restorative Yoga

I found a lovely blog which features family restorative poses along with lots of other good info. I wanted to feature some of the pics here. The below are my favs from the blog Family Restorative Yoga...

From the post How I beat my addiction to adrenaline.

Restorative Stretch supported with pillows

This is as easy as it looks. Stack pillows higher for tighter hamstrings and lower for more flexible and open legs.  Rest head on top of hands to allow space for breathing (as shown), or turn head to one side.

From the post Running on Empty

"Restorative Bridge Pose" - Septhu Bandasana

This brings the tank up to half full.  We stacked pillows under our tushies, bent our knees, and let our upper bodies relax on the floor.

From the post Your Moments of Zen

Yaara's Improvised Legs up the Wall pose...up a comfy chair (Viparitta Korani

From the post Life Pie

(Supported) Supta Badha Konasana

In this pose, we make our legs into a diamond pose.  You may find that it is easy to do this pose without adding support under the knees, however, I encourage you to add the support because it feels really nice to have your knees "held" in this pose.  We put our heads next to each other so we can listen to each other breathing.  This is a very special action - most likely there aren't many other people in your life besides your family whose breath you listen to.

Contributing author, Ellie Klein says: I'm so happy to be able to contribute to  You can find out more about me by reading my blog at  My blog teaches families how to do restorative yoga together!  I am a 200-hour certified Iyengar-style yoga teacher with six years of studio and university teaching experience. In 2012, I completed an extra certification in restorative yoga and have been teaching in this capacity, as well. The focus of my yoga educating centers on families, calm, and interpersonal health. I am available for consultation and yoga education (individuals and groups) in the bay area. To contact me, email