Friday, September 6, 2013

Restorative Yoga with Minimal Props

This week has been free yoga week at Yoga North. People have been signing up for classes like crazy. I was scheduled to teach Restorative Yoga and I was wracking my brains trying to figure out how to 1) fit everybody in the room and 2) get everyone comfortable with the amount of props available (which normally is enough for 12-14 people to be very supported). I've used the "stations" method in the past but always with a max of 20 peeps. I figured I could do it again this time but I knew I needed to set up for more than 20 people. I finally devised a plan where I would set up only 3 stations but I would be able to get 5 poses in because 2 of the stations would split their time between 2 poses. Here's a diagram of my set up:

Click on the pic for a larger image.

I know the room looks crowded but I wanted to be able to fit everyone in, and actually, it all worked out fine. Here's the system: After completing a pose/station, Row 1 would crawl back to Row 2, Row 2 would crawl back to Row 3, and Row 3 is the only row where the peeps have to get up to move, making their way up to Row 1.

I am pleased to have thought of this hybrid style class, combining the prop efficiency of Restorative Stations with the more comfortable method of staying on your own mat. This layout allowed my students to experience multiple Restorative postures with minimal moving around the room.

Here's a few pictures of the actual set up:

Here's the pose order:
Row 1 was Laying on the Therapeutic Spinal Strip and Supported Bridge Pose.
Row 2 was Side Seated Reclining Twist and Supported Child's Pose.
Row 3 was Legs on a Chair Pose.