Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Good News by Sara Thomsen

This video isn't usually the type of thing I post for Do Restorative Yoga but this is an artist whose music speaks deeply to me and I want to share it.

The Good News
Words and Music by Sara Thomsen

Written in response to the church shooting in Knoxville, TN (in 2008) and in response to a news editorial in Duluth, MN (2010) titled "The Gospel can transform the lives of homosexuals."

Sara says:

As I learned more in depth about what happened at the UU (Unitarian Church) in Knoxville,-- it made me realize that such rhetoric (as espoused by the editorial) was in fact a killing rhetoric, regardless of whether the person writing the editorial was aware of this. The use of the Bible in such a way may or may not provide an actual shotgun, but it arms people with a prejudice that induces and perpetuates fear, hatred and violence. I was struck by the title of the editorial. I grew up immersed with the stories of the gospel. They are very familiar to me. The chorus of the song is a reclamation of the "change" of lifestyle I feel the teachings of Jesus are talking about.

© 2010 Sara Thomsen

To see the words to this song visit Sara's YouTube page.
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