Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharanam by Sharon Gannon

Sharon Gannon's new album, Sharanam, is almost impossible to classify. When I first listened to it I thought, "Oh, it's world beat with a yoga slant. But kinda rock/pop too. Huh, that's interesting and kinda weird." Then I listened to it again and I noticed the opera quality. Then I listed to it a few more times and found myself singing along and later found myself humming the tune of "Gurugi." Now I had to listen again so I could understand how something that at first I wasn't sure of had settled itself into my mind so firmly. I listened again and again, liking the CD more and more. I played the CD in my classes and it was well received. I find myself singing, "My guru is the truth, my guru is wisdom, my guru is ecstasy, my guru is shantih" as I walk to work, or walk the dog, or whatever. The whole album is catchy, heartfelt, inspiring and Sharon's voice is beautiful. Great insert too - all the lyrics are included. I highly recommend this CD.

Here's the official description of the CD from Amazon:
On her first solo recording, Sharon Gannon, co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, offers a personal and loving rendition of seven timeless mantras. Essential tools for a yogi, mantras serve as medicine for the body, mind and spirit, freeing our thoughts and bringing us in closer connection to ourselves and the natural world around us. Sharanam translates from Sanskrit as "refuge." These chants -- graced with seductive rhythms, tasteful electronic treatments and Gannon's soulful, impassioned voice -- will surely lead you to the sanctuary of your heart.

And here's a link to Sharon Gannon's website: Jivamukti Yoga School. You can listen to Gurugi on the home page. I love this song. Check it out!


Sharon said...

Dear Sara,

Thank you so very much for your sweet post about the new album. I am so very happy that you are enjoying it. When Ferenz and I were writing and recording the album, we had hoped to expand the music beyond the current yoga genres and make an album that anyone can listen to!

Thank you for your thoughtful blog and keep up the good work with restorative!


Sara said...

Hi Sharon -

Thanks for visiting and thanks for the great album. You are right - your album crosses genres and I think anyone can listen and enjoy. Best of luck to you with this new endeavor.

Namaste, Sara