Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovely Day

Ahhhh, what a lovely day. Oh sure, the van broke down yesterday and we are stuck in the Route 66 Motel outside of Fairland, OK waiting for a part to be shipped in, but so what? The sun was shining all day and I was soaking it up.

Apparently, practicing restorative yoga has served me well. I had no problem settling in and letting relaxation take over even though we are going to be late for the family reunion, the van is going to be expensive to fix and we are in a tiny spot on the planet that only has pre-packaged and/or fried foods.

Ah yoga - thanks for the good life practice.

For a more detailed version of our travels visit Dave has written up a good story and included lots of pictures.

Enjoy life - what ever comes your way.

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