Monday, January 21, 2013

My new Yoga Home Away from Home

While visiting our Tucson family over the holidays I was fortunate enough to find a yoga studio within walking distance of my sister-in-law's house. I knew as soon as I saw the studio's name, "Mindful Yoga," that this would probably be a good fit for me.

Sure enough, I picked up a class listing and found 3-4 Yin Yoga classes and 2-3 Restorative Yoga classes a week! Plus other fun stuff like "Aroma Yoga" and "Mindful Morning Stretch." So exciting! I could be a student, not a teacher, and just totally enjoy myself. I bought a 10-punch pass and used it all in the short time we were there. Plus, many of my family members attended a class with me so they were able to enjoy the studio too.

Hilda, owner of Mindful Yoga.

Hilda, the owner, honored me by asking if I would like to teach in her studio the next time I am in Tucson. I would love to.

Here's a few pic's of the studio (click image to enlarge).

Outside of Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga logo and entry door.

Mindful Yoga lobby.

Entry to front studio.

Front studio.

Back studio - a bit more cozy and has cool light covers.

Both studios have plenty of awesome bolsters plus blankets, blocks, etc.

Buddha niche.

I am really happy to have found this studio while in Tucson. It's lovely to have the opportunity to be a student.

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Brian said...

Looks awesome! Love finding new places to practice...some of my favorite yoga memories :) Namaste ~Brian