Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yoga Nidra

I have really been enjoying practicing and learning Yoga Nidra. I talked about it a little bit in my previous post "When Do I Rest?" and mentioned the 2 CDs I have listened to so far ( Yoga Nidra by Robin Carnes and Yoga Nidra with James Jewell). I find that the more I listen, the more I like this kind of relaxation and visualization. It's funny how I think I am alert and aware (and awake) but each time I listen I hear something new. Or maybe it's just that I am ready to hear something new? I don't know and it doesn't matter. All I know is that I feel like Yoga Nidra is a gift that I want to pass on.

During the Winter Reflection Retreat I played Robin Carnes' CD and the participants loved it. (Click on image to buy from Amazon.) I have had many of them come to me since the retreat and request a full class of just Yoga Nidra. I had one student tell me how she and her two friends talked about the experience and compared notes on who remembered what. They all remembered different things but they also all reported feeling amazingly relaxed. Another friend who works random night shifts has begun to listen to this CD and is finding relief in his sleeping difficulty.

I'm happy that I found this great resource and that I can pass it on to others who can also benefit. There's tons of Yoga Nidra CDs out there and if you buy them by the track it's very affordable to try multiple styles (I bought these for 99 cents each on Amazon).

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