Sunday, January 30, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 2

Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 - Day 2
I did my own practice today. I listened to a healing sounds CD and rested in Supported Reclining Bound Angle, Supported Side Reclining Twist, Supported Child's Pose and then I woke myself up a bit at the end with Supported Reclining 1/2 Saddle (Hero) Pose. It took me longer to feel relaxed when I had to rely on myself but by about 1/2 way through the practice I was totally into it. My mind was quiet and so was my body.

As an aside, I think my doggie is going to do the 40 day practice too. She loves going in my yoga room when I am in there doing a slow practice. I'm not sure if it's the heat, the vibe or the carpet but she loves it. She is on day two too.

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