Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Supported Bound Angle Forward Fold Option 2

Enjoy Supported Bound Angle Forward Fold Option 2

An alternative to Supported Bound Angle

To come into the pose: 
Sit on the floor in front of a chair in Bound Angle pose - soles of the feet together while the knees drop out to each side. Feet can be as close to or as far away from the body as is needed for comfort. Sit on a wedge or a blanket to give a lift to your sit bones. Position blocks or blankets under your knees on each side if needed. Rest the arms and head on the chair's seat or add a block to the chair's seat in order to forward fold with comfort.

To come out of the pose: 
Gently roll up, push the chair away from you, bring the knees together, and roll to one side or to your knees to move to the next pose or to get up.

Sara's note: This is a great choice for folks who have a hard time forward folding in Bound Angle Pose. Using a wedge or a blanket under the sit bones will help lengthen the spine and using a chair instead of a bolster will offer more height to allow a gentler opening. Decrease the pressure of the forward fold even more by placing a block on the chair seat and resting the forehead on the block as shown. You can also support the knees with blocks or pillows on each side.