Monday, August 24, 2009

Restorative Music

I often have folks ask me what music I play for Restorative class. My favorite albums include (click on the image to visit the website):

In Om Sanctuary the most sacred of universal tones is chanted, accompanied by harp and synthesizer. The sounds generate an atmosphere of peaceful renewal. Ideal for yoga, meditation, massage, etc.

Miracles & Healing is a compilation of meditations, prayers & blessings by Hari Bhajan Kaur and Livtar Singh. It includes Ra Ma Da Sa, the original meditation taught by Yogi Bhajan for healing, a sweet 'Guru Ram Das, for miracles & healing, an angelic 'Ardas Bhaee', a prayer which answers all prayers and a beautiful closing of Long Time Sun, to bless you and others.

These mantras and prayers are a part of the 3HO(Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) lifestyle and practices. Meditate with & listen to these special chants each day for self healing, to bless those you love, to accompany your prayer & spiritual practices, and to merge with the Infinite.

Shamanic Dream: A relaxed heartbeat drum rhythm accompanied by the sacred mantra "So be it" draws the listener deep into the healing power of mother earth. Ethereal and mystical sounds on the second track Chakra Journey vitalize and harmonize the subtle energy centers of the body.

Om Namaha Shivaya contains an extended chant of the ancient Sanskrit seed syllable Om, with powerful Tibetan and Mongolian overtone chanting.