Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Day Relaxation Challenge - Week 1 Comments

I sent an info-email to family and friends to let them know what I am doing and I have received a few comments which I would love to share.

I try to do this everyday after my PT exercises.  The chair pose is wonderful as it takes all the pressure off your lower body. ~ LS

I'm really delighted that you sent this information.  Being a singer, I sometimes forget to breathe correctly and my throat tightens up and vocal chords with it.  I'm going to work on the 30 day challenge and see if by doing this I'll be able to improve this particular problem regarding singing, while at the same time allowing myself to calm down.  I just love what you do.  Thank you! ~ JD

I would love to take this class! I will definitely be following along online. ~ LJ

Good morning Sara, What a nice way for me to begin my day with you and the equal breathing . Thank you.  I am going to tune in each day with you. I'm getting ready for my holiday sale and need to relax as well as work hard. I love you, Dad

My students had some good points too. Here are a few insights from class.

I really noticed how much work it is to build a new habit of relaxing. ~ Anon

I've been able to notice moments where relaxation is upon me and appreciate those moments. ~ Anon

I was able to help myself relax by keeping my hands busy with meditation beads. ~ Anon

Thank you all for your comments and best of luck to everyone with your own personal relaxation challenge. Remember: relax and breathe.