Monday, November 7, 2011

Champion Clothing Review

I received a request from Champion to review a few items in their new clothing line, Shape Activewear. Here's what Champion says about their new product line:
Champion recently launched a new athletic wear line called Shape which is perfect for the woman who wants to both look good and be comfortable while practicing yoga. The new Shape wear is designed to gently smooth and shape your body giving you a flattering silhouette yet never restricting your freedom of movement.

I tried two of their tops: the Champion SHAPE™ Women's Smoothing Long Top with Inner Sports Bra  and the Champion Double Dry® Ultra-Fem Long Top with Inner Sports Bra. The Shape top (L) definitely had a nice fit - snug without binding, doesn't gap in the front when you do a forward fold or plank pose, and allows plenty of arm movement. The Ultra Fem Long Top (R) is super cute with a funky back (click on the link to see a picture of the back) but doesn't fit me quite right. It's a bit too loose in the bust.

Champion SHAPE™ Women's Smoothing Long Top with Inner Sports BraChampion Double Dry® Ultra-Fem Long Top with Inner Sports Bra

I also tried both regular length and capri length Shape pants: the Champion SHAPE™ Women's Smoothing Pants  and the Champion SHAPE™ FITTED Women's Smoothing Knee Pants. The regular length Shape pants (L) were about 4 inches too long even though they were a size small - the story of my life. Aside from the length, I liked the way they fit. The waistband did not bind or roll over and the pant's construction material was thick (read: not see-through when you do Plow pose). If I were taller I would wear these pants.

The Shape Knee-pants (R) were of a similar construction to the long pants but were high calf length and fitted all the way down. I didn't think I would like these (too self conscious to wear something so fitted) but I found them comfortable and not too revealing. Again, the belly and waist comfort was good - no binding, rolling or "plumber's butt."

Champion SHAPE™ Women's Smoothing Pants Champion SHAPE™ Women's Smoothing Knee Pants

My favorite product however, is the workout skirt/shorts (which I suppose is a skort): Champion Double Dry® Training Workout Skort . Again Champion got it right in the waist band - very comfortable and never binds. The skirt hit me mid thigh and included little under shorts with a tennis ball pocket which I used to carry my phone around. I found myself throwing this on on warm days just to hang out. I loved it.

Champion Double Dry® Training Workout Skort