Monday, March 5, 2012

Restoring Myself at the Sea Shore

Dave and I have been traveling for 3 weeks now in our little VW EuroVan. I taught a class in Des Moines on our way south (camped at 5 degrees - burr!) and then taught a private class on Restoring the Core to my brother while we were in Tucson. Now we are on the Texas Gulf Coast, restoring our souls by walking the beaches, laying in the sun, and reading for pleasure.

Teaching my brother Inner Core work. Petra loves to snuggle up whenever someone lays on the floor.

The healing waters at Balmorhea State Park, TX. This is a natural spring which the CCC turned into a man-made lake in the 1930's. It refreshes at a rate of 1 million gallons an hour! It's still a natural pool so we swam with the fish, turtles, and ducks. We were the only ones swimming but in the summer there can be up to 1000 people a day who visit this site. The wetlands, which were destroyed during the construction of the pool, were restored in the 1990's. There is all manner of bird and aquatic life to watch, hear, and enjoy.

Padre Island National Seashore. We camped at the National Park there - no water, no electric. Just the way we like it. However, things have changed since 14 years ago when we traveled a similar path. The RV-ers have taken over. I'm glad they are out and about, enjoying life and enjoying nature, but it sure is a an odd thing when 5 o'clock rolls around and everyone goes inside, starts up their generator, and watches TV til quiet hours at 10 pm. 
Camping is still wonderful but it just isn't the same as it used to be.

Bird life on Padre Island. We took at least 3 walks a day while staying here.

Our Eurovan camper and our camp site at Goose Island State Park, TX.

Sunrise over the fishing pier at Goose Island State Park, TX.