Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I haven't been very good about relaxing this summer (or doing anything yoga related except teaching my classes). It's been a summer of family get-togethers and house projects. Both wonderful things, but not relaxing in the same way as a good session of Yoga Nidra.

Last night, after staring intently at the computer for many hours (yes, I know it was a holiday and I wasn't supposed to be working), I finally got my behind down to my yoga room and settled in with some Yoga Nidra mp3s. It was so great I couldn't stop. I listened to three Yoga Nidra sessions in a row.

By the time I was done I was so relaxed I could barely open my eyes or wipe the smile off  my face. I took the dog for a walk, grinning like an idiot and barely looking where I was going. I didn't care where I went or how long it took.

It's good to be back in the relaxation zone.

The tracks I listened to were from these albums: