Thursday, October 4, 2012

Delicate Backs Week 4

This Tuesday was our final session for Delicate Backs. I have not been to the chiropractor in almost two months. This is a long stretch for me. But I really wanted to see if the somatics work was effective. And after attending for 4 weeks and doing the homework at least 5 times a week I would say yes, it works. My ribs are not popped out, my SI joint is not stabbing me and I've only had one headache this month.

I am now signed up for the next 4-week series: Somatics for Hips & Legs. I've been having an issue with my L knee for many months. I'm curious to see if the somatic work will take care of it. I hope so because I don't like feeling like there is a knife in my knee when I go biking. And I need to bike to help build strength and stability in my legs and pelvis to help stabilize my SI joint.

Everything's connected.

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