Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Week of Lasts and Goodbyes

On Friday, I taught my final class at Yoga North. Dave and I are leaving for France on Tuesday to lead canal boat tours again, and in addition, we have decided to pursue our dream of traveling more (after France), and as such, I cannot commit to a weekly schedule. I'm not really feeling the reality of the situation yet I don't think. I just feel like I am about to go on a trip and when I come back everything will be as it was. But really, it won't be. And my students recognize the truth of the situation even if I do not fully admit it to myself.

In each of my classes last week (final Minnesota Power class; final Maurices class; final iRest class; final Yin class) I heard from so many of my students who wanted to express how much my classes have meant to them and how much yoga has helped them. I also received and gave tons of hugs! The outpouring of heartfelt goodbyes and the thoughtful gifts mean so much to me. I plan to carry all of my students, my co-teachers, and the Yoga North community in my heart as I make way on a new path.

Goodbye cards & gifts. :)

As I've been saying my goodbyes, I've been giving (and taking) solace in two mantras:
1) Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo  ~  I bow to the teacher within; and 2) Sara Thomsen's song, "By Breath": By breath, by blood, by body, by spirit, we are all one.

I know my students will continue to grow and enjoy yoga and life because we are each our own best teacher. We just have to train ourselves to look inside and listen. And, as "By Breath" says, we are all one. We are still connected by shared experience and mutual admiration even we are not physically in the same place.

May we all find peace and ease, and bring it out with us into the world.  Namaste, Sara