Friday, April 24, 2009

Laying on the Foam Strip - Step 2

Therapeutic Pose for the Shoulders and Upper Back

Step 2: Once you are laying down notice if you have any discomfort in the low back or if your lower ribs are flaring up. Try lifting your hips, elongating your tailbone and laying your hips back down again. If this doesn't help, stay tuned for Step 3. If you missed Step 1 click here.


Kristin said...


What I love about this pose in particular is it can be brought to any lineage of yoga as the practitioner moves into deep relaxation at the end of a session. Especially nice after a vigorous vinyasa/ashtanga workout to release those shoulders. :)

Sara said...

True - anyone can enjoy this pose. You don't have to be at yoga class either. You can use a rolled up towel at home if you don't have a foam strip.