Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Laying on the Foam Strip - Step 1

Therapeutic Pose for the Shoulders and Upper Back

Sometimes in class I offer a pose based on the therapeutic work of Susi Hately Aldous. We have firm foam strips at the studio but you can make do with a rolled up mat, a tightly rolled towel, or even a swim noodle.

Step 1: Fold your strip in half (or roll up your mat/towel tightly), place it on the floor behind you and then lay down on it. Once you lay down, the bottom edge of the strip should be at about T7 or T8 on your back. If you don’t know what I mean by that here is how to tell. Place your finger tips on your breast bone then slide them down to where your body becomes soft just below the breast bone. The strip should be just opposite that soft spot where your finger tips are resting. You can feel for the strip with your other hand.

Stay tuned for Step 2.