Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deep Relaxation Resources

Hello to the Deep Relaxation Workshop attendees - I hope you had a wonderful time last night. I am so happy you all made it out to the workshop. I thought you might like to know where you can find more information about deep relaxation.

A couple of CDs I recommend are The Art of Relaxation by Deborah Adele (available at Yoga North) and Yoga Nidra by Robin Carnes (available on Amazon).

 With such a great turn-out last night I think it is safe to say that I will offer this workshop again. I am already brewing up some ideas for new relaxation exercises. In the mean time, if you need to de-stress, I recommend listening to either of these CDs, paying attention to your breathing, and running a body scan on yourself, consciously relaxing each part of your body as you bring awareness to it.

Happy exploring!

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