Thursday, April 28, 2011

Restorative and Yin at the YMCA

I subbed or "guest taught" at the YMCA last night and had a lovely time. It was great to see so many of my former students (and meet new students too). The Y is finally done with their renovations and the new Mind-Body room (yoga room) is very nice. Quiet, meditative, and nice paint colors.

I subbed for Thomas's Yin class but of course my style of Yin is more like Yin-Therapeutic-Restorative so I'm sure it seemed like a very different class for folks who are not used to my teaching style.

I started everyone off in Legs-up-the-Wall,

added in a #4 hip stretch 

and then flowed into Hand-to-big-toe at the wall.

From there we scooted ourselves off the wall 
so we could take in Supported Bridge Pose with a quad stretch.

Some folks did 1/2 Hero's Pose (reclining) instead of Supported Bridge with quad stretch (same effect - just using a block or not).

We rested in Child's Pose but added in Yoga Mudra (hands clasped behind the back, roll onto the crown of the head and let hands reach towards the floor over the head (sorry no image for that one yet).

Our final active pose was a true Yin lunge - 
low, deep and long-held.
This image is from Camp Amnicon Winter Reflection Retreat 2010.
 I let everyone do their own thing for a few minutes and then we finished with final relaxation.

Being the non-traditional teacher that I am, I encouraged everyone to find their own final pose, whether it was Savasana, Reclining Bound Angle, laying on their belly, or whatever. 

It was lovely to see everyone at the Y. The class has really grown.


Catharine Larsen, MA, LP said...

Really nice post, Sara. I loved the pictures. When were they taken? Who took them if you were teaching the class. Like your style!

Sara said...

Catharine - Aside from the Camp Amnicon image, these pictures were all taken in my yoga room. Thanks for checking in.