Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Student Observation

One Student's Reaction to Restorative Class

I spoke with a student who had attended my open Restorative Yoga class last Friday. His usual practice tends more towards Astanga but he told me he had been sick and was looking for yoga postures or ideas that would restore his body, not wear him out.

I saw him last night and asked what he thought about Restorative. He said he really enjoyed it. I think he was a little surprised that laying around totally supported could feel so good and be so beneficial. He reported that while laying in Supported Side-Reclining Twist he suddenly felt an opening and his twist got deeper. He said usually he tends to push into poses and was surprised to feel that kind of an opening in his body.

I was greatly encouraged by his observation of what was going on in his body. I know quite often students (and teachers) tend to go for the push rather than allowing an opening when the body is ready. This "allowing" is a lovely benefit in the practice of Restorative Yoga.