Monday, May 16, 2011

Are You a Bad Napper?

My partner is a bad napper. He hates to take naps because he always wakes up feeling grumpy, groggy and slightly nauseous. Of course sometimes taking a nap is the only thing your mind and body are going to let you do. Forget about focusing on a project or getting any work done - the eyes just won't stay open.

So I suggested that a little bit of Yoga Nidra might be just the ticket. Normally Dave is not overly enthused about yoga but last week after not getting enough sleep on Monday night and a guarantee of another night of not enough sleep on Tuesday night, on Tuesday afternoon he was willing to try anything.

I set him up in supported Savasana in my calm room (yoga room) with  Yoga Nidra & Meditation by Katie Meehan and Kimberley Roberts. I thought about only playing the short Yoga Nidra practice but then I decided to just start the CD from the beginning and let Dave do (or not do) the whole thing. The CD includes:
Pranayama - Abdominal Breathing
Heart Meditation
Short Yoga Nidra
Long Yoga Nidra

Dave ended up listening to the whole thing (about 70 minutes) and "woke up" totally refreshed, cheerful, and not nauseous. He says he doesn't remember anything, that he thinks he was asleep though the whole thing. But something was different for him. This was not a regular nap. This was a yogi nap.

Go Yoga Nidra!

ps - Yes, Petra did Yoga Nidra with him. She loves Yoga Nidra and the calm room.


sirisoleil said...
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sirisoleil said...

That is so cool that Dave tried it. He is bit by bit trying a number of things that he has not been interested in/open to. Dogs & cats are natural experts in yoga nidra I think

Sara said...

Yep - dogs, cats and kids know what yoga is all about.

I played this same practice (just the short yoga nidra - 15 minutes) in my class today and everyone loved it.