Saturday, February 19, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 22

Saturday, Feb 19, 2011 - Day 22
Yea! The weekend! I love lounging around in my yoga room and taking all the time I want to relax. I call my yoga room "the calm room" because the colors are very soothing (see right - I had just finishing up the painting but the carpet hadn't been installed yet).  Three walls are a light indigo color and one wall is a darker purple. The carpet is light green and the ceiling is white. When I lay down in that room I feel like I am in/on a mini-earth world: the carpet is the grass, the walls are the sky, and the ceiling is puffy white clouds. It's so great. I feel relaxed the minute I go in there. I have a little heater I bring in and I shut the door and heat it up to about 80. This might sound hot but the rest of the house is rarely over 65 so for a short time 80 feels pretty dang good.

Today I listened to Richard Miller's full Yoga Nidra practice. Well, almost the full practice. Now I remember why my Ipod has doubled tracks. I had a hard time getting the Yoga Nidra track to copy to my Itunes so I tried loading it a couple times which means I have two of each track except the Yoga Nidra track. That track is a bit garbled and static-y at the end of the practice. It didn't matter though. I was super relaxed. After the Yoga Nidra practice I stayed in the calm room and listened to Steven Halpern's, In the Om Zone II, for a little while and did a few restorative postures.


YogaRestores said...

Sara, for a real treat see if you can find someone who owns "On THE YOGA MATRIX" by Richard Freeman.
Richard reveals how the body can serve as the ultimate laboratory, temple, and place of pilgrimage for spiritual inquiry. The insights are absolutely mind blowing - I think you'd enjoy it. If you've experienced anything exciting in books, CD's or workshops, please let me know.

~Heather Johnston

Sara said...

Thanks for the tip. What a huge collection of instruction!