Tuesday, October 29, 2013

30 Days of Relaxation - Day 12

If yesterday's Bound Angle Pose did not provide enough feedback in your body, try going a bit deeper today in this version:
Supported Bound Angle Forward Fold ~ Baddha Konasana

To come into the pose:
Sit on the floor on your bum and settle into Bound Angle pose - soles of the feet together while the knees drop out to each side. Feet can be as close to or as far away from the body as is needed for comfort. Sit on a foam yoga wedge or a blanket (or two) to give a lift to your sit bones and help straighten your lower back. Position blocks or blankets under your knees on each side if needed. Stack up pillows and/or blankets in your lap (on top of your feet) and then gently fold yourself forward, resting your arms and head on your stack of pillows/blankets. Settle yourself in and stay as long as you are comfortable.

To come out of the pose:
Gently straighten the spine, push the pillows away from you, bring the knees together, and ease yourself to your next pose or toward getting up.

Sara's note: I offer this pose as an alternative for Supported Child's Pose if a student has had knee surgery or just cannot find comfort in Support Child's or Supported Puppy.