Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Relaxation - Day 18

Last week, someone asked me if I could recommend some Restorative poses which did not require getting down on the ground. I don't have any ready to go for this blog, but the request sure got me thinking. As in, I think I can do a whole new series. However, for the scope of this challenge, it's a bit too much (remember, I started all this so I would relax more! - lol).

That said, I figured that somewhere out there some one would have already conceived of some non-floor Restorative poses and posted pictures too. So thank you again people with images on Google. Here's some seated ideas for us. The first one is especially good for Mondays.

Head on Desk from The Healthy Living Lounge
This reminds of grade school - everyone put your heads down and have some quiet time.

Wide-Leg, Seated Hanging Forward Fold from Nirmala Yoga
Might be nice to have somewhere to rest your head: a block, another chair, etc.

Seated Forward Fold with 2nd Chair as Arm & Head Support 
Might be nice to have a folded blanket over the back of the forward chair to cushion your arms.

All good options for today, I think. Enjoy!