Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 Days of Relaxation - Day 21

Yesterday we did our relaxation in bed. Today you can too, or you can get back down to the floor as the picture shows. But if you want to do this twist in bed it is very easy to set up. All you need are two pillows.

Supported Reclining Twist

Coming into the pose:

Option 1: Lay on one side and snuggle a pillow into your low back from behind your bellybutton to below your bum. Stuff another pillow under your stacked knees and then roll your top shoulder open, letting the pillows support your lower body. If you need more support under your "top" shoulder and arm, lay a flattish pillow lengthwise under that arm from shoulder to hand.

Option 2: Lay on your back with your knees bent. Have a support ready on each side of your body. Shift your hips to one side and let your knees fall to the other side. Snuggle a bolster under your back hip and bum to support staying in the twist and let the stacked knees rest on a second bolster as they fall towards the floor.

Try to keep the shoulders on the floor (or bed), keep the heart center open by extending the arms away from the body, palms facing up, and let the head turn away from the knees. Stay as long as you are comfortable.

Changing sides:
Let the head come back to center. Remove the support from under the back hip. Engage the core slightly to support the spine and then bring the legs back to upright, helping the legs with the hands if needed. Settle into the second side the same way as the first and try to stay here an equal amount of time.

Exiting the pose:
Let the head come back to center and then keep turning towards the knees. Remove the props from under the knees, lay on your side for a few breaths, and then gently push yourself back to an easy seated position.

If this twist is not to your liking try Supported Side Reclining Twist ~ Salamba Bharadvajasana ~ like we did on Day 6 of the challenge.