Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 19: 30 Day Meditation

Isn't funny how sometimes you feel fine while sitting and other times there is a nagging body part that won't let go? Today it was my upper back. I had a student tell me once that she often got a "kitchen" back ache. I was like, "What's that?" and she said, "It's when your upper back hurts after you've been working in the kitchen for a long time." Well that made sense to me. I guess I get those too. And today was once of those days. Of course I hadn't even been in the kitchen yet but I think it's from my recent long and intense days at the computer. I was able to keep breathing and listening to the rain and my timer went off in what felt like a short time.

Here's a link to a short, guided, deep relaxation with gong: Deep Relaxation with Gong. This is a live recording from my Yin Yoga class last Friday. The recording quality of my iPhone is only so-so. The audio is fairly quiet and there are background noises too but maybe that will make you feel like you are in class, meditating with the group. My students were all in Savasana so you can choose to sit up or lay down to start.

I think you can just click on the link to download, but if that doesn't work try right-clicking and then choose "save link as" in order to download this file and listen on your iPod or mp3 player. This file is 12 minutes, 10 seconds and about 6 Megs.



Lisa said...

Thank you for the audio. I used it this morning and felt like I was in class without having to venture out into the rain. Interesting thing about the gong...the last time I was in class and the gong was used, I felt like my cells wanted to escape my body. In a good way. They felt like they were on fire and my response was to want to laugh...like a major laugh. Didn't want to disturb the mood (or feel like a freak) so held it in. Not as strong of a response today, as I couldn't feel the full impact of the reverberations, but I laughed anyway..and it felt good

Sara said...

Ha ha - that's funny. The gong makes me feel like that sometimes too.