Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 21: 30 Day Meditation

I had a hard time keeping my eyes closed today. My eyelids kept fluttering. I decided to let my eyes open and just sit. I kept awareness on my breath and let my eyes rest on the trees outside my window. This was actually very restful. I felt less mind-busy than I usually do with my eyes closed.

Also, Noah had asked the other day about how to sit to relieve back pain. Here's one idea:

Sitting with belt support. Use a yoga belt (or any belt which is big enough to go around you from lumbar to easy-seated-knees). Snug the belt up til you feel like your knees and back are mutually supported and see how it feels for your meditation. You may also notice that I am sitting on a wedge. This tilts the pelvis forward and relieves back strain.

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