Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 4: 30 Day Meditation

Yea! Back to Monday. Even though I work from home, I always find it easier to maintain a schedule from Monday-Friday.

Today I sat for 15 minutes. In the beginning I felt a bit tippy and I needed to use my wedge under my left side bum. I must have slept for a long time on one side last night or something. After about 10 minutes I was able to sit evenly.

I also experience a lovely warming sensation in my heart which spread through my whole body. My sister mentioned to me in the past that she gets very warm when she meditates but I have never experienced this before. Usually I am cold whether I am meditating or not.

This warmth created an interesting visual as a sort of thought sensation:
warm = expansive, open, flowering, light, summer
cold = quiet, still, latent power, peace, winter

As my mind thought these things I maintained an even breath and tried to be the observer of my thoughts, not the participant in my thoughts.

Note: To read other accounts on the meditation experience visit the FB event page: 30 Days of Meditation.


Lisa said...

12+ years ago I was living in Omaha and practiced yoga with an instructor named Robin. My husband recorded her audio relaxation practice and I have it on CD. It has been MANY years since I have listened to it. I found it and spent my meditation time today with Robin. What a gift to my heart to hear her melodic, New Zealand accent. As happy as I was having her guide my meditation, I found my thoughts wandering but brought myself back to focusing on my breath. I am so happy to be participating in this 30 day give myself the gift of this time. My challenge is to be gentle with myself, to not be as I am in the moment.

Sara said...

How wonderful to be able to revisit your former teacher in your current practice. Glad you are here.