Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 5: 30 Day Meditation

OK - already into day 5. I was particularly achy and squirmy today. I could hardly sit still. I felt like I was finally settling in when my timer went off after 15 minutes. So, I turned it off and sat for a few more minutes.

I made a hard choice yesterday. I told my Tang Soo Do teacher of 6 years that I was going to stop attending class. While Dave and I traveled last winter I came to the realization that I was was overdone. While we traveled I dropped all of my regular practices and it took me more than a month to miss yoga, and aside from my teacher and classmates, I didn't miss Tang Soo Do at all.

When we returned, I requested a lighter teaching load and now, an ending of 6 years of martial arts practice. I am both saddened and relieved by this ending. I am pleased to have this meditation practice while I adjust to this new idea that I do not have to "do" something all the time. I do not have to be constantly busy.

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