Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 9: 30 Day Meditation

Today I listened a 15 minute guided meditation and I'm not sure I got as much out of my practice as I do when I listen to nothing. Or rather, I'm not sure I put as much into my practice. It was very relaxing to follow along - which I think might be the problem. I don't think I used much awareness at all. Although, I don't think my mind wandered all that much either. So I guess I am up in the air: guided meditation or quiet meditation?



Kristin said...

I like to have a meditation session started (live preferably, but audio will work too), then be left in silence for whatever the duration is, then brought back out.

Maybe it's a carryover from savasana, but the same applies there. Guided to start, silence, then brought out.

I've found it distracting when I'm settling into to silence and the Guide/Teacher, with best intentions, will then say something after several moments of quiet. Like, "remember to just let the breath flow..." I find that incredibly jarring.

What I like about listening to someone start a session, is it gives me something to focus on as a transition to more internal things. Rather than a Plop! Meditate! there is a segway from movement, to sitting, to contemplation which just agrees with.

If that makes any sense... :)

Sara said...

Thanks Kristin - I like your suggestion to combine guided meditation and silent meditation into one practice.