Monday, March 21, 2011

Fell off the Wagon of Relaxation

When I started my 40 Day Relaxation Practice I was fairly certain that I would be able to make it. And I did. But what I didn't expect was to keep on doing it for 8 more days. Then, since I had kept up my practice, I was a bit arrogant thinking to myself, "This is so easy. I can keep on and on." No. I can't. I fell off the wagon on Friday. It's always Friday that messes me up. The time that I like to relax happens to be exactly when I teach Yin (which is relaxing for me but not the same as receiving a relaxation practice). So, I missed Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday. As we say in Minnesota, Oof-da! I know I'll get back on the relaxation wagon, but it's been interesting to observe how easy it is to let a good habit slide.