Sunday, February 27, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 29

Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 - Day 29
Yea the weekend again! This morning I co-taught the Yang-Yin 2-hour special at Yoga North. Kristin taught the 1st half (Vinyasa) and I taught the 2nd half (Yin). This was the second time we have offered this combo class and it definitely ran smoother. We had quite a few repeat students so that helped but also Kristin slowed down her class a bit to help the new-to-Vinyasa students and I planned a practice that did not involve too many props to help the new-to-Yin students. A benefit to each of us of having a smoother class is that we did not have to be assisting so much for the other teacher which meant that we each got to participate in most of each other's class. It was a fun morning.

After my fun morning I came back home, had a bite to eat and then Dave and I watched an episode of Big Love. Anybody watch that? It is soooo crazy. We are on to season 4 (via Netflix) and I think I am starting to have less tolerance for watching stressful shows. I mean why can't Bill just relax? Why does he always want more? Now he wants to be a politician but he is hiding that he is a polygamist. What the...?

Anyway, that left me feeling a bit grumpy (stressed maybe) and then we took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Well the sidewalks have become very icy again and the wind was biting. We only went a short way and by the time I got home I was definitely grumpy! My regular "I hate winter" theme song was running in my head. I just don't like feeling like that. Thankfully, I have my relaxation.

After we got home I practiced my relaxation. I listened to the longer Yoga Nidra practice on Robin Carnes's first Yoga Nidra CD (about 45 min) then followed it with another 30-45 minutes of restorative poses while listening to Steven Halpern's CD, In the OM Zone II. I felt so much better by the time I was done. I was warm, relaxed and my adrenalin was not racing like I think it had been after watching Big Love. Yes, I know it is just a TV show but watching people lie and leap from crisis to crisis is stressful. But now we are just a few episodes away from finishing the season so I think I'll just keep on. What a kook.