Saturday, February 5, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 8

Saturday, Feb 5, 2011 - Day 8
Thank goodness for the weekend! I can take time to relax without feeling pressured to get to work (self-pressured since I work for myself). I goofed off all morning, chatting with family, catching up on yoga blogs, etc. After walking the dog around noon I settled myself into Supported Savasana with heaps of pillows and listened to Dr. Louise Montello's 2nd track of her Relax into Wellness, Vol. 1 CD called Autogenic Training (yes, again - I like this one) and followed it up with Track 2 of Relax into Wellness, Vol. 2, (which Dr. Louise calls Yoga Nidra). I did this one yesterday and found it difficult to pay attention so I thought I would try it again today after listening to a track that I know I like.

I swear I was listening to a different CD for the Autogenic Training. It wasn't anything like I remembered it. I could've sworn that throughout the whole practice she asked us to imagine waves on the beach timed with our breathing and heartbeat matching the waves. Well that isn't it at all! It starts that way but then moves on to imagining your body is heavy and warm and relaxed - which I remember doing before but only as an afterthought to breathing with the ocean waves. I guess I was on my own little journey those other times I listened to this track.

At any rate, I liked it again. I couldn't get my body to be warm though. I guess my mind isn't powerful enough yet. Ha ha. The Yoga Nidra track  (Sweeping Breath) was still a bit hard to pay attention to. I was not settled at all as we worked our way up the body but I was able to focus and settle in as we worked our way back down the body.