Saturday, February 19, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 22

Saturday, Feb 19, 2011 - Day 22
Yea! The weekend! I love lounging around in my yoga room and taking all the time I want to relax. I call my yoga room "the calm room" because the colors are very soothing (see right - I had just finishing up the painting but the carpet hadn't been installed yet).  Three walls are a light indigo color and one wall is a darker purple. The carpet is light green and the ceiling is white. When I lay down in that room I feel like I am in/on a mini-earth world: the carpet is the grass, the walls are the sky, and the ceiling is puffy white clouds. It's so great. I feel relaxed the minute I go in there. I have a little heater I bring in and I shut the door and heat it up to about 80. This might sound hot but the rest of the house is rarely over 65 so for a short time 80 feels pretty dang good.

Today I listened to Richard Miller's full Yoga Nidra practice. Well, almost the full practice. Now I remember why my Ipod has doubled tracks. I had a hard time getting the Yoga Nidra track to copy to my Itunes so I tried loading it a couple times which means I have two of each track except the Yoga Nidra track. That track is a bit garbled and static-y at the end of the practice. It didn't matter though. I was super relaxed. After the Yoga Nidra practice I stayed in the calm room and listened to Steven Halpern's, In the Om Zone II, for a little while and did a few restorative postures.