Thursday, February 24, 2011

40 Days of Relaxation - Day 27

Thursday, Feb 24, 2011 - Day 27
I took a break from my computer to relax and listen to Richard Miller's free on-line Yoga Nidra practice after reading Namaste from Duluth's blog post, Challenges and Being Present, about pinging around from one thing to another and back to the first again. This post talks about how fragmented we are: email, phone, blog post, work, school, hobbies. How many can you do at once?

Relaxation is about getting away from of all of that. Centering the mind, developing one-pointed focus, calming the thoughts and remembering to breathe. Even though I had some trouble with my practice yesterday I still feel like things are changing for me. My body is liking the idea and the actual feeling of laying down and taking a break. I think my mind likes it too, it just doesn't want to admit it. Maybe by the end of the 40 days my mind will have given in as well. It will start bossing me around, "Hey, get downstairs to your calm room and take a break already!" 


Karen said...

I'm still reading. And thinking. And enjoying your suggestions for yoga nidra practices to use. And I've it into my morning routine. A couple of weekends ago I went to Asheville, NC to a workshop at Asheville Yoga Center. It was Amy Weintraub. Yoga to manage your mood. She did two yoga nidra sessions and it turns out she has them on disk, too. You can download them online. Try them.
Anyway, she does some YN every day, usually in the morning before she gets out of bed. She's been sleeping, so it's not likely she'll fall asleep doing it then. Makes sense.
So I've been doing some asana and then ending with YN instead of svasana. Verrrry nice. I'm bouncing around between Richard Muller, Weintraub and Dr. Louise Montello. Now I'll add James Jewell.
Keep it up! I will too...
kp in SC

Sara said...

Hi Karen - Thanks for your new YN suggestion. I'll look into Amy's CD. I've heard that practicing Yoga Nidra in the morning is really the best time. But I bet it is only the best time if you are an early riser and able to complete your practice before the magic hour of 7 AM when the doshic time slides back into kapha. Too hard to stay awake (or get up) by then.

Karen said...

By 7 I have to be at work, so early morning works for me. I get up at 4:30 to do the yoga thing...asana, meditation, etc. Walk the dog. Pack my breakfast and lunch. Of course, I need a nap by the time I get off at 3:30, and I fall asleep at 8:30, but it works for me. Those early morning hours are definitely my golden ones.